Milkwood: A Comic Adaptation

This was another sketchbook experiment, drawn over the Christmas holidays & early January during a break in the paying gigs. Dylan Thomas was known for the musicality of his words, and in re-reading Under Milkwood (A Play For Voices), I was struck by the rhythm, meter and beats of some passages… particularly the exchanges. The challenge was to break down the script in comic form, letting the words themselves dictate layout rather than setting or action. I believe the “language” of comics lends itself particularly well to the adaptation of poetry (or in this case a poetic theatrical piece), and I have to give praise to Dave Lasky’s revelatory adaptation for “The Raven” for pointing me in this direction. David’s adaptation can be read here in its entirety:…/dlasky/albums/72157680336293016

Under Milkwood title page

Under Milkwood 1

Under Milkwood 2

Under Milkwood 3

Under Milkwood 4

Under Milkwood 5

Under Milkwood 6

Under Milkwood 7 crop


About James Lloyd

Cartoonist in Vancouver. Mildly non-threatening.
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