I’m Going To Have Start Bringing Cake

All these are watercolour pieces drawn for birthday gifts, and now they’re everything I’ve got to show in the way of personal work since about January (though they were good practice for some larger projects I’m attempting).
Starting off, we have this number for mover & shaker Lindsay Cherry, drawn in appreciation for her putting my web-site together, including the new store. For those interested: http://www.jameslloydillustration.com/store/. Lindsay gave birth shortly after this was drawn so it also serves to honour the arrival of Radley “Baby Rad” Clifford.
cherry birthday web.jpg
Incidentally I rarely do this, but the above was lifted near entire from a photograph by Cameron Browne, a very talented guy who has snapped great pics of folks ’round the world. He dug my take on this one and it’s posted with his permission. http://www.cameronbrown.ca/

Rebecca Dart is still our greatest living artist, so I drew this:
Dart birthday '14 web.jpg
It was inspired by a little hike we took up to Lynn Canyon some years ago. To see her work and thus be awakened: http://r-dart.tumblr.com/

For the muse, Ms. Lola Frost. Her words, my art. Vancouver’s rock and roll flapper has juxtaposed many classic and striking images with poetry in the past– this was my attempt to truly merge the two. You can take in her words and >wheeze< much more at her tumblr page: http://lolafrost.tumblr.com/
Lola Poetry
I think she deserves a better dancing partner, but hopefully I can refine this approach for the work I’m doing with the next fellow…

Sean Karemaker. I have no idea what my scanner did to the colours on this one– but all this grey is not supposed to be in here. Still, given that Sean’s the guy doing the most unconventional work I know, it seems right to have some kind of accident give this thing its character. I was trying to ape Sean’s approach here, but check out the genuine article at his fantastic new site: http://www.seankaremaker.com/
sean birthday web

Finally, I was unsure if I was going to post this one because it’s kind of gay-ish and was not drawn for a birthday– but Susan Ferguson and I celebrated a ffnfh anniversary recently and certainly she deserves some kind of recognition for that particular tour of duty.
10 Year Watercolour
Yeah, so I got gooey. Let’s just move on. Back to comics next time, promise.


About James Lloyd

Cartoonist in Vancouver. Mildly non-threatening.
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