October Scratch

These hyar are the scratchboard pieces created for the Ayden Gallery’s Robot and Monsters show (which ends this Saturday– Nov. 2nd) http://www.aydengallery.com/.

“He Gives Out Special Crisps (or: The Temptation of James circa 1979)”. The was about all the houses you didn’t want to knock on come the 31st, until you found out they were the only ones that giving out the full size choc-scrums.

He Gives Out... detail
It’s brutally painful seeing what the haze of a computer screen does to a reduced version of the above piece, so this is a detail shot to give a slightly better sense of the linework involved. Anyone think I should add colour to this at some point?

“Selfie”. This one was done on the quick for fun. It may seem juvenile, but it actually has a much deeper sub-text: I was at a concert where women taking selfies during all the songs ruined it for me so I wanted to see one have her head bitten off.

Scary Godmother
The last of the October scratch piece triptych. In honour of Jill Thompson’s immortal Scary Godmother comic. Seeing her campaigning via Kickstarter recently to get a SG doll produced reminded me of my great love for Jill herself (as an artist) and what the book represents. I think the campaign has ended but give it a look anyways, because the video she shot for it is super charming http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1327932176/the-scary-godmother-doll.
About ten years ago Jill was nice enough to invite me to contribute a pin up to her then fledging comic, and it became a laboured mess and a serious inconvenience to Jill. This was somewhat of a corrective experience.
Incidentally, this was the first time I coloured a scratchboard piece directly on the art with special inks. I think it worked out OK, except for the hair scanning a bit funky.

Sketches of some “also rans” under the cut:

scratch sketch1 adj

scratch sketch 3

scratch sketch2

scratch sketch 5
Just wanted to make a note about the “Dead Cartoonist” piece. This shot was swiped from a planned comic going about five years back that never made it past the sketchbook. If I ever manage to get a chance at scratching a whole comic story, I’d like to revisit this.

scratch sketch4

scratch sketch 6
The ideas I finally settled on. For four years I have tried to make my crumbling Victorian house bit happen, and I thought this was the big chance– but the classic haunted mansion motif just didn’t fit with the concept. I decided to change it to the flat, aluminum-siding suburban number of my youth (which I think is actually creepier), but I wanted to keep some of the dynamics of the sketch. I found the right staircase snooping around homes in East Van out near the PNE and some of the bushes came from an overgrown yard down the street. Maybe it should have been more minimalistic in the final piece, but I wanted some features to get lost in.
Thanks for reading. Promise I’ll be back sooner next time.


About James Lloyd

Cartoonist in Vancouver. Mildly non-threatening.
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